Carolyn Mathas

Carolyn is a technology writer/editor for such online engineering magazines as EDN, EE Times, IEEE Globalspec 360, Integrated Marketing Partners and several technology companies. In addition to writing/editorial services, her professional experience includes Director of Marketing positions at Securealink and Micrium, Inc., startups in fabless semiconductor ICs and real-time operating systems, respectively. At both companies, Mathas was instrumental in setting strategic corporate direction, creating and implementing marketing plans and global communications programs. Mathas also provided public relations and marketing services to such companies as Philips Semiconductors, Altera, Boulder Creek Engineering and Lucent Technologies. Carolyn holds an MBA from New York Institute of Technology and a BS in Marketing from University of Phoenix. She also taught marketing and ethics at Ashford University.

  • 電腦視覺 = 更好的服務 + 更低的成本

    電腦視覺 = 更好的服務 + 更低的成本

    創新技術如何幫助零售商提升顧客服務並改善收益?CV 和 AI 讓一家麵包店能以 99% 準確度即時辨識所有烘焙商品。閱讀相關方法。

  • 透過視訊分析改善校園生活



  • 將智能帶向邊緣裝置,讓工廠運作更聰明


    Supermicro 的通用平台與物聯網閘道產品破除了數道屏障,將智慧帶向廠區 讀者將會瞭解: • 將真正的智慧帶向廠?...

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